Tablet Press


tablet press top

With today’s increasingly complex formulations, an understanding of the science underlying the tableting process is key to high yield and productivity. With more than 15 years of Experience, service and quality “Systems” has a long pedigree of introducing groundbreaking developments in tablet compression.

Product Range

  • Lab Scale
  • Production Scale
  • Bolus/ Slugging
  • Dies & Punches
  • Tablet Press Accessories

Lab Scale Tablet Press Machine

    • Single Punch Tablet Press
    • Single Rotary B/ D/ BB Tooling Tablet Press
    • Single Rotary Multi Tooling Tablet Press
    • Double Layer Tablet Press with D/B/Multi Tooling
    • Tablet Press with SENSE FORCE to integrate hardware and
    • software into a complete data acquisition and analysis system.

Salient Features:

    • Centrally driven slotted turret fitted with thrust bearing.
    • AC Variable Drive with fixed pulley.
    • Granules fed through open feed frame which ensures easy settings and minimum
      wastage of material. Table Top for Easy Movability.
    • Safety features like MCB for overload protection and Limit switch at Lower Guard.
    • Turret fully Electrode less Nickel Plated
    • Force Feeder
    • Pre Compression
    • Operator Safety Features – Interlocking on upper & lower guard
    • Outside Controls such as Pre Compression Adjustment, Tablet Thickness Adjustment, Tablet Thickness indicator

Production Scale Tablet Press Machine

    • Single Rotary Tablet Press
    • Double Rotary Tablet Press
    • Tablet Press with By-Layer Attachment
    • Tablet Press for Effervescent tablets (Hygrospray Technology)
    • Tablet Press with Interchangeable Turret system.

Salient Features

    • Confirms to cGMP norms and other International Standards in terms of
    • Operator Safety, Maintenance, Cleanliness, Ergonomics Design & Electricals.
    • PLC / MMI machine operation
    • Outside Easy Controls such as Tablet Thickness, Depth of Fill(left, rear & right)
    • AC inverter Drive for main motor
    • Bottom Direct Internal Helical Drive
    • Sturdy Body Frame & Solid Pillars
    • Auto Lubrication / Lower Punch Seals
    • Gravity Feeder
    • Force Feeder
    • HOS: hydraulic overload system
    • Turret made up of S.G. Iron with ELNP

Dies & Punches:

“Systems” is committed to providing superior products and service to our customers. With our expertise, we offer a precision line of punches and dies in more standard materials than any other supplier.

Types – Dies & Punches

  • Round Shape Tooling Tablet with the Hole – Polo Tooling
  • Odd Shape Tooling
  • Multi Tip Dies & Punches
  • Bolus / Slug Tablet Punches
  • Tooling Maitenance Kit

Dies & Punches Salient Features :

  • Punches and dies are made of OHNS / HCHC.
  • OHNS – Oil Hardened Nitride steel / HCHC – High carbon High chromium steel.
  • Made on CNC machines.
  • Careful matching of material and hardness
  • Trouble free fitting and removal
  • Manufactured to the smallest tolerances.
  • High precision finish

Benefits :

  • Longer tool life
  • Punches and dies for continuous production
  • Longer life of machine parts hence less spares consumption
  • A better cost to output ratio

Standard :

By default “EURO” / Alternatively “TSM” available.

Shapes Possible :

Round, Oblong, Oval, Special shape etc.

shape of dies and punches


Optional / Extra on top of it :

  • Tapered dies
  • Dust Protection cap groove on upper punch
  • Teflon inserts at the tips
  • Full ELNP coated
  • Hard Chrome Plated Tips
  • Heavy Duty / Bolus Punches and Dies
  • Titanium Coated

Tablet Press Accessories

  • Dedusting Deburring Unit – Top To Bottom
  • Dedusting Deburring Unit – Bottom to Top (Upstream)
  • Dust Extractor -Air displacement Unit
  • Online Metal Detector
  • Dies & Punches
  • Vacuum Auto Product Loader
  • Tooling Maitenance Kit
  • Tool Kit
  • Anti-Vibration Mounts
  • Y Chute – IBC/IPC
  • Hydraulic Lifter