Tablet Coating System

ablet Coating System

Technology at the highest stage………..

The machine allows versatile applications with precise coating results. Sugar coating, hydrous coating or even coating with organic solutions – no challenge for our coating system. The high efficiency design also allows the use of more critical coating processes like functional coatings or humidity- sensitive cores.

Ergonomic Design: The spraying arm and front door can be easily swiveled. This design guarantees wide front accessibility to all functionally relevant parts as well as simple changing of the drums.

The perforated drum presents ideal conditions for any kind of tables and coatings. The special drum surface finish and tablet “flow” system in the machine assure gentle processes for sensitive products.

During the process the nozzles are automatically cleaned by a cleaning needle system. A hygienic spraying arm made of Titanium with inside supply lines is included in the basic design. Thus there are no hoses and couplings in the process chamber.



Tablet-Coater at a glance

  • Increases the efficiency of the coating process
  • Universally suitable for all kinds of tablets and coatings
  • Simple product handling
  • Space saving “through-the-wall” installation
  • Optimal accessibility through completely
  • Hinged front door
  • Fully automatic cleaning