Food and beverage

Food & Beverage Sector:

Hygiene is fundamental and is critical for the Bangladesh market. Our philosophy is to supply safe and flexible Processing and packaging systems to the food and beverage industry. The hygienic design and safety remains a top priority of ours for all our machines destined for the food sector.

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 Our Capabilities:

  • Drinking Water Production Line
  • Complete Soft Drinks Production Line
  • Energy Drinks production line
  • Sports Drinks production line
  • Complete Juice (Hot & Cold) Production Line
  • Complete Noodles Production line
  • Complete chips Production Line
  • Spice Production line
  • Candy/Chockalott Production line
  • Complete Dairy Plant
  • Biscuit/wafer Production line
  • Chutny Production Line
  • Chanachur Production Line
  • Mango Bar Production line
  • Sauce Production line