Commercial & Industrial laundry



We have an experienced sales& service team able to advice on all aspects of laundry operation including design and specification.

Where necessary, installation can be arranged and ultimately the equipment is commissioned and handed over with training as required.

We then provide service back up or extended warranty options to ensure you get the best results from your investment.






The best washability in the market


Our principal started from the basis that if each of the factors influencing the wash process was improved (mechanical action, chemical action, time and temperature) together with an efficiently managed water supply they would have the washers with the best washability on the market. Added to this challenge was that of designing the most productive, profitable, robust, easy to use, ergonomic and eco-friendly machines.


Main Features:

  • During the design, ergonomic and safety criteria have been considered. For example, the rounded corners avoid injuring operators, who may bump into the washer accidentally, and make the machine easier to clean.
  • PLC Control System
  • Optional tilting system (TILT system) enables you to load and unload it very easily. The TILT system is not only very efficient, but also requires very little maintenance and does not take up additional space.
  • MDS (Multidirectional springs): Allows spin cycle speeds greater than 350G in a silent and very stable way.
  • GDRIVE: Electronic system that allows optimal treatment for each type of fabric.
  • AQUAFALL:  Holes in the drum shovels allow additional water to enter like a waterfall – increasing cleaning action and reducing rinse cycle time.
  • AQUAMIXER:  Hot and cold water mixer that allows obtaining very precise bath temperatures.
  • JUST IN-LOAD: Allows to automatically calculate the quantity of water and the dosing time required to achieve the suitable chemical product concentration, according to the selected program and the weight of the load.
  • EASY LOAD: System to help loading and unloading operations of high-capacity washing machines.
  • Wet Cleaning Ready: Inteli control display this distinctive logo. Inteli control allows these washing machines to perform from intensive washing processes to extremely delicate processes to wash delicate linen such as wool.

Our available capacities:

9kg, 10 Kg, 13 Kg, 14kg, 17Kg, 19kg, 23Kg, 25kg, 32 Kg, 44kg, 55Kg, 63kg, 122kg etc.



Barrier washers guarantee a one-way circulation flow of linen, always in a forward moving direction and keeping the dirty linen separate from the clean linen. The diagram shows the correct laundry practice to avoid any risk of contamination and guarantee maximum disinfection.


Main Features:

  • Total separation of clean and dirty linen. Dirty linen is loaded by the door on the front and clean linen is unloaded from the rear.  The linen’s circulation flow is always strictly observed and in a forward moving direction, avoiding any risk of infection to clean linen.
  • Minimum handling of linen. Opening both doors at the same time is impossible, therefore avoiding any contact between clean and dirty linen or any risk of contamination.    An extremely hygienic wash process is guaranteed by the precision with which the various parameters are programmed such as time, temperature and the accurate dosage of chemical products. In addition to this precision, a good beat with the blades generates the required mechanical action to remove as much dirt as possible.
  • Inner and outer drums, doors and external panels in stainless steel.
  • Installation: No holding-down required.
  • Safety doors: with electrical lock.
  • Microprocessor control.

Available Capacity: 15/25/35/45/63/84/105 / 150 / 205 kg.

  • Heating: Electric, Steam.





A module-based wetwork system that can be made to measure for each business

The Batch Washer Wetwork is based on the concept that every industrial laundry has its particular features.

Every laundry is interested in washing parameters such as productivity, efficiency, profitability, minimum linen wear and minimum energy and water consumption. However, attaining these is not just a question of having the best equipment, but also most by making sure that this equipment really matches the particular needs of your business.

The Batch Washer System is a module-based system, and all its elements (bag railway loader, batch washer, water extraction press and batch dryer) can be adapted to the needs of each individual laundry.

Your success is our success. We can help you in the process of defining your washing and drying requirements, to ensure that the machinery you choose and its installation is the best possible solution for your business.

The modularity of this system allows you to design a solution tailored for the present, while peace-minded in the knowledge that it has the ability to adapt in order to deal with future challenges.



Optimal drying performance with minimum consumption

Efficient, environmentally friendly drying tumblers with a large load capacity and built to last.

Main Features:

  • Microprocessor Control
  • Safety micro-switch on door.
  • Automatic stop minute-timer.
  • Temperature selector.
  • Thermal overload motor protection.
  • Cylinder and outer cabinet in durable enamel finish.
  • Large diameter front loading door with safety device.
  • Built-in lint filter, easy to clean.
  • The stainless steel drum, supported by industrial bearings, is capable of handling the most demanding workloads and help to extend the life of the machine.
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Equipped as standard with a rotating reverse system which together with the large doors guarantees the easiest and best possible linen unloading.
  • The door is closed by magnets.
  • The large and easy-access lint filters, as well as the information regarding the need to clean them which appears on the display, guarantee a high performance from the machine.
  • The machine’s automatic crease-guard function is activated at the end of the cycle.
  • The microprocessor control achieves an optimum drying efficiency and excellent laundry care all the machines, whatever model, are controlled by a microprocessor.
  • Standard control(S)

Allows the cycles to be programmed in two different ways:

– temperature / time

– temperature / drying degree (automatic drying) Indicated in both case is the cooling time, etc.

       Heating Alternatives

Natural Gas, Propane Gas, Electricity, Steam and Hot oil

Available Capacities: 9 Kg, 13,6kg, 22,68kg, 34,02kg, 54,43kg & 77,11kg etc.




Suitable for Dry cleaners, Industrial laundries.

The presses are manufactured in manual and air-operated versions.

Top buck motion by compressed air on model S/EP4.
Balanced top buck, mounted on a bar with ball bearings.

Both bucks with steam, bottom buck with vacuum.

Adjustable buck pressure control.