Clean Room



The increasingly demanding requirements of production processes make it necessary to use suitable installations that guarantee final product quality.

The experience acquired over these thirty years in the clean room field enable us to provide the best and widest variety of solutions, depending on customer and needs.

One element that sets apart is the constant technological innovation in this field. This is all driven by a team of expert professionals devoted to the optimization of the entire system (resources, spaces, equipment, energy costs)

Our philosophy is “quality above everything else”, which is why our installations comply with current international standards, providing the customer with a modern, easily managed, safe installation.

We have categorized our cleanroom system as follows:


  • Architecture
  • Air Treatment
  • Associated Equipment
  • Control & Monitoring




Layout design is fundamental to maintaining containment / sterility commitments. The laboratory interior has to be designed so that it is easily cleaned and sanitized, inorganic, impermeable to liquids and resistant to any chemical agents that might be employed.

The “Systems” architecture system includes the following characteristics:

  • It is specific for clean rooms
  • It is based on a modular constructive, integrated, coordinated and self-supporting system comprising walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, luminaries and sanitary fittings.
  • A wide range of solutions, products and materials
  • Flexibility, allowing adaptation to requirements and needs
  • Compliance with cGMP requirements

Air Treatment

In “Systems” we install systems that respond to the required conditions in each clean room, employing all available technological solutions in order to comply with the customer’s economic and technical requirements.

Our systems bring the following characteristics together:

  • They guarantee classification, pressure, temperature and humidity in each room.
  • Installations designed from the point of view of energy efficiency.
  • Advanced technological solutions that improve system performance and lengthen installation useful lifetime
  • Design, selection and integration of all equipment making up the system.

Associated Equipment:

Clean zones cannot be considered as isolated zones. Their operation requires constant interaction with the exterior with a continuous flow of entry and exit of personnel and materials which, under no circumstances should be allowed to compromise the established conditions.

Systems“designs the equipment for full integration with the architecture, installations and production process. This associated equipment is purpose designed and built. They are:

  • Dispensing/Sampling Booth
  • Pass Box


Control & Monitoring:

All “Systems” installations are fitted with a robust, scaleable system that permits all plant equipment and installations to be under full control.



This Data Acquisition and Supervision System displays the status and alarms for the plant installations and equipment, monitoring analogue readings in these areas and recoding information in a database designed in accordance with GAMP standards and 21 CFR requirements, Appendix 11 for electronic recording of generated data.

The more complex the system, in both equipment and the number of variables to control, then the greater the need to provide it with automatic control and monitoring systems.