Capsule Filling

Hard Capsule Filling Machine:


Encapsulation is the filling of empty capsules with the desired drug. It is done using two principles viz. Tamping and Dosating. Our machines work on both these principles. In both the principles, the powder formulation is formed into a slug which is delivered to the body of the capsules. This process ensures encapsulating hard gelatin capsules with precise dose, gives better weight control and with improved yield. Automatic capsule-filling machines are designed to cater to a wide range of formulation with powder/granules, pellets/sustained release spherical pellets, tablets, filled capsules and combination of these.

These machines are provided with productivity enhancing features, which can be handled by a single operator.

capsule filling

Salient Features:

  • All model meet cGMP and ISO 9001.
  • For Lab Scale, medium and large production capacity.
  • Competitive prices for high accuracy, productivity and easy maintenance, cleaning.
  • Available size : #4 through #00
  • The automatic hard capsule filling machine fills hard gelatin capsules with medicine in powder, granule and then seals the capsules. This machine has gained recognition for its excellent quality and for making an important contribution to the pharmaceutical industry
  • All parts that come in contact with formulations are of stainless steel 316/316L.
  • Optionally available pellet filling attachment.
  • Easy and fast changeover from size to size or formulation to formulation



  • MMI PLC Controlled the Discharge chute for start up, shutdown and sampling is¬†optionally available.
  • Information of Powder in capsule products required : Name of the formulation and¬†recipients used, desired fill weight, sieve analysis, tapped bulk density, loose bulk¬†density.
  • Online auto weight adjustment.
  • Automatic centralized lubrication.