Air Filter


“Systems” supplies a comprehensive filter programme for technically and economically correct solutions. It incorporates air filtration equipment and replacement media for air conditioning and ventilation systems for nearly all fields of application.

There are basically two types of air filters:

– Particle air filters

Coarse particulate air filters and fine dust filters for removing contamination from the atmospheric air in air conditioning and ventilation systems and in chemical engineering. Testing and classification is in accordance with EN779.


– Particulate air filters

HEPA and ULPA filters are high-quality air filters for removing aerosols, toxic dusts, germs etc. as well as for areas with the highest demand for air purity in clean-room technology. Testing and classification is in accordance with EN1822.

Filter technology that you can rely on!


Generally speaking, air filters are physically simple but technically complex devices. Whether they are particulate or gas phase filters, they rely on a complex set of mechanisms to perform their function satisfactorily. In many cases, more than one of these mechanisms comes into play.

Fine dust filters supplied by “Systems” are EUROVENT certified and tested in accordance with European Standard EN779, filter class F5 – F9. All filters fulfill the required criteria such as initial pressure drop and filter class which are tested and confirmed once a year by a neutral test institute.

The complete range of filters is supplied depending on the filter class, tested in accordance with EN779 or EN1822. For both standards there are scan testing devices which are ISO9001 certified.

The technical data of the coarse dust and fine dust filters are determined on the filter test bench according to EN779.

HEPA and ULPA filters are tested with the scan testing device (EN1822-4) for leakage limit (testing the local filtration efficiency) and the integral filtration efficiency.